Monday, August 10, 2009

upgrade your system...

Computer is the biggest invention that man had ever found. It has become very much popular after the introduction of the internet and web applications. Apart the internet, people use computer for the entertainment purposes. Speaking about entertainment, it includes watching movies, playing games and some Photoshop works. Very rare people use the computer for educational purposes and the business people uses it for developing their business and increasing the profit. For any purpose, performance is the first criteria that people will look for, while buying the computer. This performance mainly depends on the RAM memory and the processor speed. If wee want to buy a new computer, we can get the latest one with hi-fi configuration. Some people might have the sentiment for their old computers and they will look for extending their RAM memory to increase their performance. The only place you should look for to extend your memory RAM is IMAC Memory Upgrades. You will get the best quality RAM in IMAC Memory Upgrades. They have the best quality RAM for all kind of laptops and desktops. The customer satisfaction is the important principle. You can view all the apple RAM upgrades in this page. So do not wait to upgrade your system by getting the computer accessories from IMAC Memory Upgrades.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Much of Thackeray’s satiric attitude toward life was a defense mechanism to conceal basic sentimentality. Snobbish enough to be thrilled by favors from persons of title, he never quite got over feeling that it degraded a gentleman to write for a living. He loved his friends, and was loved by them, yet constantly got into hot water by foolish impulsive utterances and tactless personal allusions in his books. As a result, a life darkened by tragedy was also spattered with the mud of silly squabbles. He ate and drank himself into a premature grave, but had written himself out before he died.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

glass for your eyes...

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

internet connection

Hi everybody, no home can be there without internet connection. Broadband service has made such a great impact in the internet connectivity. Now, the internet connection had even reached the most rural areas. One of the main reasons for this mark is the privatization of the broadband service. All the people have internet connection, but not the cheapest connection. I would like to review the website that I know which is providing the cheapest internet connection with good signal strength even in the rural areas. Do not bother even if you live in areas like Kansas, you have internet in Kansas too. They provide you with the best internet connection at the cheapest price. They are satellite internet provider and they have very good satellites revolve around the space that helps to provide a non-interruptible internet service. When compared to other service providers, they have always-on connection which I have discussed earlier. You no need to install any additional software to connect to the internet, which helps your system free form viruses and also increase the performance of your system. You can have the instant access facility here. The added advantage is you no need any extra phone connection to have this broadband service. Have an internet connection through deal online at great speed and also at very cheapest rate.


Why do we stop talking, with no reasons, no fights, and no problems on a rainy evening, over our teak wood cushion bed?
Why our eyes do started it, the way of making relationships, the way of conveying messages, the way of transforming love, the communication?
Why do our eyes get tired after hours of communication with no words talked, listened or replied?
Why do our eyes shut after the tiredness, making our other organs to communicate?
Why do we still have a micro millimeter gap between your hearts and mine?
Why does the gap vapor after we turn as born ones?
Why do our hands talk faster than our mouth or eyes?
Why our mouths do need shelter in the other ones mouth?
Why do our actions go meaning less, increasing its speed exponentially?
Why our mouths met, hands do met, stomach met.............................?
Why do I hear nothing but a noise, with no grammar, no language and no meaning in it?
Why is that you and I become we?
Why I am inside you or you inside me?
Why is it greasy everywhere?
After three months......
Why do I become dad, when I am in just school?
I did nothing but what I see in TV at prime times.

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