Thursday, August 21, 2008

change color

Now you can change your car color instantly without repainting. German technologists had found the new way to do that using the foil. This technology is called as foil wrapping technology and they will do foil coating to your car to change the color. Through this technology your car appearance will be very much similar to the one which is repainted. And moreover it is cheaper too.


Blue Ginger said...

wow! i love the new color! hmmmm... i hope they have that technology here in the US too. no more paint jobs! =) thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Do they export and how much?

cheths said...

wow nice buddy :) wish i could get my car done this way!

heh bro comment on some of my posts too :)

artofreed said...

it must be expensive cost.. Great

cumie said...

its like a condome ?

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