Tuesday, November 25, 2008

USA online casinos.......

Casinos are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Every one is interested in playing these casinos. But personally I feel that this game changes the mindset of the people in the negative way. Because those people who play this game are addicted to it. They do not care about their work/business/family or anything else. This is not a healthy one, I feel so. As the people earn money through this game, they, mostly depend on luck rather than their hard work, however playing this game gives lot of thrill and enjoyment, so maintaining the limit is the healthy one. Online casinos are the latest version of casinos. It helps you to play the game from anywhere else just by using the computer and the internet. Nowadays most of the people prefer to play the casinos online only. Here is the chance for the U.S.A people to play the online casinos through the most popular casino site USA online casinos. They have number of casinos with minimum of 100% bonus for you, so that you win lot of money. Really this is the best site to play the casinos but my advice to you is don’t spend your whole time in playing these casinos. You also have other works to do.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

windows for my house...

I am building a new home to gift my parents who made me a respectful person in the society. Almost all the works have been finished. The remaining work that has to be done is fitting the windows. Since the windows play a vital role in showing your home to look more attractive and stylish, I spend more time selecting the windows. I searched many websites to get the best design and at last I found window coverings that meet my needs in fitting the best window. They have various brands like Hunter Douglas Window Fashions, M&B, Comfortex, Bali Blinds, Levolor and I choose my favorite one from Bali Blinds. The room settings they have suggested, helps me a lot to choose my design very easily and quickly. They also suggest you the background shades to be used to match the window which makes your home look more attractive. I experienced the best customer satisfaction because a single phone call finished my job without giving much work to me. If you also would like to buy a window for your home you can very well use this window shades website to get one. You will also feel the same feeling as that of mine. Have a nice day…

Thursday, November 13, 2008

video chat in Gmail.....

Google has now introduced the video chat feature. You can use this service by just installing the 2.4 MB plug in into your web browser and then restarting the browser. After installing, you can be able to view your partner, provided he too owns a web cam and installed the plug in. I have just installed the plug in and have to talk with my dad in the evening to see the clarity of the video. I have heard a positive review about this feature and hope it would be true. This feature is available only with the “chat box” in the web browser when we signed into Gmail account and not available with the “Google talk”. This feature works in the Firefox 2.0 or higher and internet explorer 7. So I hope you will try this new feature of Google.

web hosting provider review.....

Hi everybody. Hope you all are fine. One of my friends wanted to buy a new website so while searching the internet for the best webhosting providers, I found HostMonster. The coupon codes help the customers to buy the websites at a much cheaper rate when compared to other webhosting providers. Personally I like their customer service very much. They provide a unbiased review about the web hosting providers so that the people can buy the best. They have given a lot of valuable information for the new buyers, like, “what a person should look for in a web host”, “types of web hosting” etc. Their articles cover still more useful information. They have received the "best webhost" award for the year 2008 for affordable and reliable services, customer support and customer satisfaction. I have suggested my friend to buy the webhost service here and now also suggesting you to get your webhost service here. Hope you will get the best. Have a nice day ahead.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hear music....

No one in this world would hate the music. The type of the music that they like may differ from person to person. The joyful music helps the people in maintaining the healthier heart. It has been proven by the scientists now. This joyful music makes the inner lining of the blood vessels to expand and thus increases the blood flow and so that the heart remains stronger. An ultra sound device measures how well the heart is reacting to the sudden increase in the blood flow. The measurements had proved that the heart functions has been improved by hearing the joyful music.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New technology robot...

Robots are becoming very much popular nowadays. The robotic scientists are finding the robots mainly to help the elderly people in doing their house work like opening the door, switching on the lights, turning the TV on and some more works. Yesterday's robots are just the machines that will respond according to its program. It will be operated on the laser lights. Now there comes an end to these laser light robots and the advance technology robot has been found out. This new technology robot can be able to recognize the voice command and so that it can be operated on the voice command. I am sure that this will be more useful than that of the previous one and the technology will not stop here. It will be continued...

news about gambling game...

Nowadays people prefer the online casinos than any other game. So the online casinos websites have been increased at the rapid rate. Some of these websites simply announce many bonus features to attract the people but will not offer what they have said. So while choosing the online casino websites people have to be very much careful. If you need more news regarding the online casinos just visit the above mentioned link. They have various articles about the merits and demerits of the online casinos, which will be definitely beneficial for the people. On the right side you can be able to find the top rating websites to play online casinos. When you click those website links, you can be able to read the full review about that website and also be able to know the rating for the website. Apart from Editor’s and user’s rating, you can also see the rating of the website for its bonuses, speed, performance, graphics and security individually. After seeing the rating and the review, if you are interested, you can directly download the software from there to play the game. So have a nice gambling here. online casino

Clean fuel for the racing cars...

The emission from the automobiles like cars/motorcycles/trucks has been a serious threat to the society because these are the major reasons for the ozone layer depletion/ global warming. So the scientists around the world are researching for the new harmless fuel for the society. The Australian scientists had found a clean fuel for the racing cars. The hydrogen gas is that clean fuel. They have modified the internal combustion motorcycle engine to run on the hydrogen gas which can achieve the maximum speed of 170 kilometers/hr. This new technology car is attempting for the Guinness world record for the year 2009. If the same technology has been adopted in the normal cars, then it will be the gift to the human society.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Good news for the kids…

The Britain scientists had found the gene responsible for causing the brain cancer to the small kids and children. This gene can multiplies itself by the fusion of other genes. But, as this Gene has been found, the scientists are saying that the production of these genes will be very much controlled or eliminated so that the children will not be affected by the brain cancer in the future. I hope the scientists will succeed in their mission to give a healthy life to the future generation.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

do your higher studies...

After finishing the schooling it is the tough task for the teenagers to choose their higher education. They need a lot advices and counseling in selecting their higher education. career education helps you in giving the advice; you need to choose the career. They have a lot of schools, covering various streams like medical/technology/design/business/culinary and legal so that the students can be able to choose the schools based on their talents. Students can also choose the schools according to the locations. In the massage schools page you can be able to get the full information about the massage therapy schools. They will let you know all the merits and demerits in choosing this massage therapy as a career. They also let you know about the programs relating to the massage therapy. If you want to know more information about any particular college/school, you can directly contact the school from this website. they will immediately respond to your query and provide you the further information you needed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New form of energy...

Scientists had involved themselves in deriving out the energy from the sun for a long time. But they have not succeeded much. Now a chemistry professor in MIT had found a new form of energy from the water, by using the solar power from the sun. He used this solar power to split the hydrogen and oxygen present in the water. Splitting the water has been already found but the disadvantage is that the traditional method requires high temperature and a very expensive catalyst. This method requires only the room temperature and the catalyst is also not much expensive.

The main drawback of this method is that it is very expensive to store the energy released. Since it is using the hydrogen gas as the main fuel, the global warming can be controlled. The scientists also added that even the sea water can also purified by this method.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Count your hair using the software...

We know that it is impossible or extremely difficult to count the hair in our body. But now, the Australian scientists have found the software to count the hair in the human body. Are you thinking, what is the use of counting the hair? The answer to your question comes here. Counting the hair will help you to find the effectiveness of the baldness treatments. By counting the hair before and after the treatment, will help you to know whether your hair growth has been increased or not.
Now I am going to share my knowledge about the working principle of the software. It counts the hair on the skin by reading the images taken by the flatbed scanner. The specially designed algorithm is responsible for counting and differentiating the wrinkles/wounds/moles from the hair. It has been tested on 12 people and found accurate too.

Flying car…

We might have imagined the flying cars only in the dream. Now, that dream is going to be real by the London automobile engineers. It has been named as Autovolantor. Possibly it would reach the market in two years. The car can reach up to the height of 5000ft and travel at the speed of 150 miles /hour. For traveling in the sky, hybrid fuel along with the electric system is being used. The design includes eight fans, which helps the car to fly in the air. The vanes at the exit area help the car to move forward or to remain in the neutral position in the air. So I hope we will be moving in air in our future.

Rental houses in New York

Every single person in this world loves the life in America especially in New York, so most of the people would plan their holiday trips to America.
HomeAway helps you in making your New York holiday trip easier, enjoyable, and memorable. They have all types of houses for the tourist to enjoy their trip. Apart from providing the houses at very cheaper rates, they also make your trip easier by guiding you about the tourist places you should visit. Definitely you will be benefited by this service.

The two places that you must visit in New York is the Brooklyn and Manhattan. You can find the best places to stay in Brooklyn here. You can select your type of house easily as they have categorized the houses based on the user’s choice. You can see the homes in the Manhattan here. Hope you will definitely choose HomeAway for your holiday trip…

A new and funny way to reduce your weight…

The most common problem troubling the people around the world is their over weight. They might have tried lot of things to reduce their weight. The best way to reduce the weight is doing exercise but most of the people cannot be able to do it regularly. Some people might follow diet to reduce their weight. But sometimes later they feel it very difficult to follow it. This new method will help those people who are struggling to follow it.
In an article I have read that by writing the foods that we eat everyday in a diary helps people in reducing the weight. Each single food whether it is a cookie/ pizza/burger should be noted down in the food diary. Are you wondering how it works? Usually we might have the habit of eating something while watching our favorite channels in TV. These are in our subconscious mind and we would not consider this in our dieting plan. Thus by writing down all the foods we are taking helps us to be conscious of our diet. Hope you will try this at least.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Antarctic cubes are also melting...

Global warming is the major threat to the humanity. The result of the global warming is the increase in temperature globally and therefore the melting of ice cubes in the Polar Regions tales place. Till now, there is no proof for the effect of the global warming in the Antarctic region because we did not get the sufficient data to prove the fact. But now, the scientists have got that missing data to prove the melting of ice cubes in the Antarctic region. Unlike the older methods, they focused the grid points in the polar region and taken the measurements. This clearly proves the melting of ice cubes. So now the danger of the global warming has been increased. Let us pray God to save us.

Pavlovian Reflex...

Pavlovian is no way related to Russia or its neighborhood regions. Pavlovian reflex is a psychological action that most of the male in the world has. It’s a "male" thing mostly. But there are exceptions too. Many females too have this reflex.
If you have any or all these habits, then you have pavlovian reflex.
- You want to control the opposite sex
- You will behave like how the other person doesn't want you to behave
- You expect the control over others
- You intentionally torture people who are under you
If you have at least one yes for the above statements, then you are affected by pavlovian reflex.
Be careful.


Many people won’t like to discuss about periods. In fact, they show disgust to discuss periods. Even women feel shy to discuss about this. THIS IS BAD.
When we demand for equal rights, then we have to understand others pains, vies and thoughts. Without proper understanding between people, nothing can be achieved.
Men have to throw away their egos and have to take care of their females when they are in periods. Females usually feel irritation because of bleeding and the pain it causes. So, at this time, men have to be patient and give them support and care such that the females feel some love and supportiveness which make them forget the pain for a while.
We have to provide rests to females during the periods time and so they can relax themselves. Since there will be lot of bleeding takes place, they feel tired all the time. So, we have to give them energy refreshments and allow them to take rests.
Shall we?

Friday, October 31, 2008


Man may be the fittest one to survive in the universe. He may rule the world, but he is nothing before mosquitoes and house flies. He can kill them by using pest control devices. But when he is left with empty hand, then he has to struggle a lot to control the pests like mosquitoes and house flies.
Man cannot bear the sound that appears when a mosquito is near one's ear. And when a house fly sits on someone, preferably wounds, you can taste hell a little bit. This shows the inability of man against the micro sized creatures. Man, the epitome of pride, should learn a lesson from this.

Enjoy the weekend...

Hello everybody. I wish you all have a great and happy weekend especially the Halloween. I would like to suggest you the place where you can enjoy to the core. It is the residences in the south beach of Miami, where the luxurious life is awaiting you. You might not have imagined such a life in your dream too. The name of the place (simply the heaven in the earth) is miami setai. You can proudly say that you have spent your weekend in the tallest building in south beach as it is a 40 stories building. There are many other stuffs available to add the luxury to your trip which includes the onsite five-star hotel, for food you have an equisite five-star restaurants, for bath you have three swimming pools in front of the ocean, to keep your health fit you have the fitness centers and finally your enjoyment is guaranteed with their bar service. So I hope you will use this wonderful opportunity. Once again I wish you all a good luck for your weekend.

Yet another invention to save the humanity

Only very few professions are there to serve the society, say, cops, doctors, soldiers, fire man and finally bomb squads. Among these people, the bomb squads take more risks to serve the society and save the people. Now the risk in their job is totally eliminated by the Australian scientists as they replace the man with the robots. These robots are specially designed to identify the explosives through its sensors and they are controlled by the remote controls. By this invention the lives of the soldiers involving in the bomb squad can be saved. Hope the inventions like continues…

Threat to care about...

The border crossing in America is not at all a big problem if the person has the enhanced driving cards or wallet-sized electronic cards. Now the researchers of Washington had found the hidden threats behind using these types of cards. As these cards contain radio frequency signals (RFID), hacking or tracking the information about the card holder is very much easy. The major disadvantage is that the hacking process can be done even at the larger distances. Since these RFID signals use the “electronic product code” that is similar to the bar codes, becomes an added disadvantage as these codes can be easily disabled by using the “kill” command. So the researchers are worrying that the attackers/terrorists can use these disadvantages and will counterfeit the information about the card holder and finally will use this information for their purposes. So it is the high time to take care of these problems.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

iPods for this christmas...

In olden days the only equipment for the entertainment is the radio. That too it is very much limited in entertaining the people. But in today’s modern world we have lot of entertaining devices such as iPods, mp3 players and even the mobile phones can be used too. Of all these devices the ipods stands first in serving the entertainment purpose. Both the iPods and the mp3 can be used to listen to music of our choice, still iPods leads the mp3 players with its memory capacity, video playing ability, stylish look and the lists goes on. I think these iPods doesn’t need much advertisement as all of you might have known about it better than me. So are you looking for the iPod at a cheaper rate? You can get the cheap ipods in this website and save your dollars. You can get it still cheaper by comparing the prices in iPods website. Do you want the latest one? Visit the new iPod nano to get one.So I hope all of you will buy your new and latest iPods for this winter.

Treatment in coffee…

Some people will say that taking coffee is a bad habit. The reason for their belief is that the chemical substance caffeine in the coffee activates your blood cells and make you stressed and tensed after taking it. Now here I am not going to discuss that topic. My topic is about how the coffee is related to the drowsiness. The scientists have proved that taking coffee will help you overcome your drowsiness. They have measured the drowsiness by using the Australian technique called optalert. This technique involves measuring the total eye blinks and the ratio of the acceleration and velocity of the eye blinks. In the study, it is found that by taking 200 mg of caffeine, improves both the operations. This test was conducted on the people aged from 18-29. The scientists are saying that taking coffee will be more useful for those people who involve them in a long drive.

why committing suicide???

Hello everybody a very good morning to you all. Brain is the only organ responsible for all our activities like walking, eating, thinking, listening, reasoning etc… sometimes it leads us to take the wrong decisions in our life and these decisions may cost our lives too. One such decision is committing suicide. Now the scientists had identified the real reason responsible for committing suicide. In our brain there is a process called methylation and when increased it provokes the thoughts about committing suicide. This process affects some of the chemical reaction of our brain so as a result the person is more likely to commit suicide. But the scientists did not find the reason, how this methylation process gets increased. I hope it will be found in the future thus helps to reduce the number of the people committing suicide.

Artificial heart…

We all know that the heart does only the work of the pumping machine in the human body. Still it is the organ which troubles the humans through various forms, like, heart attack, heart strokes, blood pressure etc… Once you have been attacked by the heart diseases you must be very careful in all your activities, say, eating, working etc… Now the scientists have come up with a new cure for those heart patients. The artificial heart has been made by the France scientists after 15 years of research. This heart has been made out of the animal tissues. And this heart will be used for the heart transplantation treatment in two years. With this heart the patient can lead a normal life without taking much strain.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New innovations are the sweets for Microsoft…

Microsoft has done a lot of unimaginable innovations in computer. Now it is entering the mobile phone. We all know that the touch screen model released by the Apple Company is the very big hit in America and all over the world. Now this innovation of Microsoft is one step above the touch screen concept. Wondering what it could be? Well, now the mobile phone users can operate their phones without even touching it. By shaking their hands in the air near the phone will be able to operate the phone. Your hands should be within ten centimeters form the phone to operate it. I hope this will be the tomorrow’s phone.

DIrect TV channels..

Television is the basic electronic equipment that will be found in every home. Mostly this television will be used by the people for watching the movies, news, serials and some funny shows through the cable channels. But the unfortunate thing is that you can only receive very limited number of channels through the cable connection.

So do you want more channels at the same price? Then DIRECT TV will be the best option. They provide around 265+ channels at a very good quality. You can even reduce your bill by choosing the particular channels to receive, say, only sports channels/movie channels/news channels from directtv.

As this is a satellite service, you will never experience the system failure which enables you to watch your favorite channels 24 hours a day. Directv has a lot of advantages over the local cable channels. So it is the right time for you to change.

find the hidden finger prints...

Everyone in the world have an unique thing that will never coincide with the other person. It is nothing but the finger prints. It plays a key role in identifying the criminals. But some criminals are clever that they will erase all the finger prints after they have finished their job. In such cases, you cannot trace or identify the finger prints. So the forensic scientists of United Kingdom had involved themselves in a research to overcome this problem. And now they have succeeded too. The new technique involves noticing the physical change of the metal. Since the human sweat has more salt in it, even though the criminal erases the prints, it will be of no use. By tracing these salt molecules, even the hidden finger prints (which means erased) can be found easily. So I hope that, this new technique will help the cops to identify the criminals very easily…

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

spirituality keeps away the depression...

In one of my previous posts I have said that the spirituality helps the people to tolerate the pain when compared to the non-spiritual people. Now there is additional good news for the spiritual people. The spiritual people are found to be less depressed when compared to the other normal people. The reason behind this minimum depression is that the spiritual people are letting all their troubles, problems and worries in the hands of the God. They have a belief that the God will solve all their problems, whether it is true or not, that is a different topic. The fact is that having the faith helps them in reducing the troubles. This is something like, when we share our troubles with our friends we feel better. However God’s faith will never let us down in any situations.

Control your stress…

When we are very emotional, the stress and tension catches up very easily. As a result of this stress, we will be in a angry mood for the whole day, and this anger is the worst habit or emotion for all the people. There are lot of drawbacks of being stressed, say, we will not be able to finish our work correctly, we will be afraid of facing even a small problem, simply we can say that all our work will be correctly going in a wrong way.
Now the German scientists had found a new drawback of being stressed. They are saying that there is a possibility of getting the skin diseases by being stressed. When we are stressed the immune cells in the skin gets activated and thus causing the inflammatory skin diseases.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raw, fight for championship…

Every kid in the world love playing games. That too now, due to the technology development, playing the games give us lot of fun and enjoyment. It makes the kids to sit in front of the TV or computer for the whole day. The most interesting game that makes me stick in the chair is RAW. As it has the option of playing up to four players, I and my friends will play, like that we are really fighting inside the computer. So I will say that we have been addicted towards the game.

culinary schools for American students...

After finishing the high school every boy/girl will have a lot of doubts in choosing the next degree to graduate. After analyzing all the available opportunities, they will make up their mind to choose one. This post of mine is for those people, who have chosen the culinary art to graduate. After choosing the degree, the guys will be searching for the schools to study. Here I am going to discuss the best culinary schools in America. Culinary school is the online database of culinary schools. After doing the research on these schools, they have listed out the top schools in America. They have given the review about each school, which will help you in knowing the infra-structure facilities, campus placements of the college. Still, if you need more information about the school, you can request them directly just by filling the form. You can also view the top schools in each state. This will help you to get your graduation in your locality itself. Use this opportunity to find a place in the best culinary school in America.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Magic Dates…

The diseases will attack us only if it can be able to fight the immune system in our body. So getting affected by the diseases indirectly tells us that our immune is getting weaker. So we should take the necessary steps to make our immune system stronger. It is very simple to do that. Eating the iron rich content regularly our immune system to work perfectly.
As the dates have the high iron content, taking one every day, will keep the doctor away. As your immune system gets stronger, automatically your stamina will gets increased and this will give you the best satisfaction in your private needs. I hope you all will rush into the shops immediately.

Choose the Automotive schools

The craze towards the automobiles will never step its foot down at anytime for any cause. One reason is the entry of the new models often. So evidently the automobile industries will never suffer a loss unless and otherwise they are non-innovative. Due to these reasons, it is always the best option to choose the career in automobile industries. If you already pick that option and looking for the best automotive schools in America? I will try helping you here. You can choose your automotive school here. If you have any doubt regarding the career, they will brief you about all the designations in the automotive career. They will also help you in choosing the best school for a particular designation. You have the option to pick your school, location wise too. So, in these schools you will get the best workshop training, which will help you in the real world projects. Finally I would like to say that you will never regret for choosing your school from this website. Then why are you waiting still? Rush and get your seat in some reputed automotive school through this website. I wish you all success in you career.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Twinkle twinkle...

Twinkle twinkle little star is a famous rhymes that every kid in the world knows. Have you ever thought why is it stars that blink and not planets?
The stars twinkle because the light of the stars has to travel a longer path through a thick layer of atmosphere and thus there are more chances to get disturbed. You can also notice that at times the stars twinkle more than normal twinkles they do. This is because at times, the atmosphere is not still as there are lot of variations and disturbances takes place with respect to the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere.
On the other hand, planets do not twinkle but shine steadily. This is because of the same above stated reasons.
If you can make the longest ladder in earth and get out of atmosphere where there are no disturbances at all, then you can see the non-twinkling stars.
Want to try?

Do the service...

Servicing the poor people is the best good deed in the world that everyone can easily do. I did not mean to give the money or any other form of compensation to the poor people, who are really helpless. I think that giving the money will never help them in any way, other than getting them the food for the dinner or supper or whatever it may be. This will never encourage their self-confidence, as they will set their mind that they can get the money from anyone. They will not think about working at all.
So now what I am trying to say is, rather than giving the money and making them beggars for lifetime, we can give them the opportunities to make their own pay. If that is not possible, at least we can show them the opportunities spread around the world.
This action makes a man and not a beggar. So our future generation will never have the ups and downs in their era.

wire slings to lift the objects

In olden days lifting the heavy objects as a single man is very much difficult. So we take the support of our friends or colleagues to lift those objects. But sometimes we feel uncomfortable to rely on others to do our work. Due to the advancement in technology, now we need not to rely on other people. The Wire Slings ease our job in lifting the heavy objects. There are lot of wire rope lifting slings available, say, bridal slings, choker slings and cable laid slings. Each one of these will be used in various situations. And you need not to worry about the quality as it is the best. By selecting the type of the sling you can be able to see number of slings based on its length. If you are not sure about the type of the sling that meets your needs, no problem, they will give you the thorough knowledge about the application of each sling, so that you can be able to choose be one that suits your application. The chemical reaction chart in their reference site will help you in knowing the chemicals that can cause damage to the slings. This will help you in avoiding those chemicals from the slings. Above all they have the best customer service. So once you have become the customer, you will never think of leaving them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Theory of relativity

Theory of relativity is one topic which always makes me to stay energetic to discuss. I have read, discussed about this topic, paradox, black hole, big bang, big crunch and lot of other non-me related topics as I am keen about it.

Let me try explaining it (of course it’s hard to explain and understand, but the readers can understand how much I have understood theory of relativity).

Einstein said that everything in the world changes with respect to speed.

Time, speed, distance and space are related to each other. The only thing which is constant at any consequence is “speed of light”.

The speed of light doesn’t change with respect to space, time, speed etc.

For example, imagine you are standing on a bus stop. Now, a girl wearing a red tops and a white skirt cross you in a scooter. Let the speed of the scooter be 30 km/hr. Now you feel like the girl moving in 30km/hr (or at least you feel like she is moving fast).

Now imagine that you started chasing her wit your bike. When you reach her and you too travel in 30 km/hr, you feel that she is not moving at all (though she moves, both of your speed equals and so it looks like she is not moving). Therefore the relative speed of yours and the girl will be zero, since you travel at the same speed.

Now, come out of the imagination. Came eh? Ok alright.

Now again imagine that you are standing at the same bus stop. Now a light ray crosses you (the speed of light is 186000 miles per second). The light ray will looks like it passes you at high speed. Imagine you started chasing the light too. You somehow managed to get a bike that travels on a speed which is equal to speed of light.

Now what do you think about the light’s speed? How will the light looks? What will be the relative speed between you and the light ray?

It is not zero. The relative speed between you and the light ray will be 186000 miles per second. Puzzled? Me too... But That’s what theory of relativity says…

Being in love...

Being in love is a special feeling. Being loved is even better. That too when you get unconditional love from someone, heaven is yours. I have been loved by many people right from my childhood. I have got lot of love and love affairs. Many are one sided (they proposed, I refused).
Once in my college, five girls proposed me at a time. I was not able to handle them at all. I did not know what to do and so I was just standing blank. Luckily one of our staff members came there. She asked the girls about what they were doing with me. I explained the situation. I thanked her since she rescued me from group of girls.
Here is where the twist happened. Once the girls left, the lecturer gave me a love proposal. I accepted since she had my internals in her hand.

Graduate IT here...

Nowadays the technical schools in America have been increasing in the rapid rate. As every one has the bright career in that field, almost all the people prefer the same. As every industries, whether it is core or non- core, needs the software in any form, so the IT industries will never goes down. So to have the bright future in your career, you have to be educated in a reputed school. You can find the best schools in it training here. They provide you the brief knowledge about the technical schools in U.S.A. Not only the information about the schools, have they also briefed you the knowledge about the career. Some of the professions that you can take in the IT industries are system administrators, analysts, programmers and managers. Based on your skills, you can choose the profession you want. In the “technical career and program” section you can find a lot of other designations that are available in the IT field. So if you choose IT career as your profession I wish you have a great success.

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