Friday, October 31, 2008

Threat to care about...

The border crossing in America is not at all a big problem if the person has the enhanced driving cards or wallet-sized electronic cards. Now the researchers of Washington had found the hidden threats behind using these types of cards. As these cards contain radio frequency signals (RFID), hacking or tracking the information about the card holder is very much easy. The major disadvantage is that the hacking process can be done even at the larger distances. Since these RFID signals use the “electronic product code” that is similar to the bar codes, becomes an added disadvantage as these codes can be easily disabled by using the “kill” command. So the researchers are worrying that the attackers/terrorists can use these disadvantages and will counterfeit the information about the card holder and finally will use this information for their purposes. So it is the high time to take care of these problems.

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