Friday, February 27, 2009

networking supports...

After a very long gap of time, I came across good technical news which helps many network engineers and networking corporate to get a better, effective and efficient networking and data communications.
This article will surely help those who are searching for domain registration services and all kinds of domain name system services. Please read ahead to know more.
We live in a world of technology. Many scholars call this period as technology era or age of technologies. Technology is reaching heights every single day of our life. One of the main reasons of this raise is networks and communications. When internet came in to our daily life, it has made a drastic change in the world. Today, no corporation can run without the help of internet technology. There is lot of technical solutions needed for every communication portal. Stuffs like ddns are very essential in inter networking. Here is a site that provides wide range of email solutions, domain registration and so on. They serve as a dns provider too. You can get managed dns from them. For those who do not know what DNS means, here is the expansion. DNS means Domain name system. It is used in internet protocol and tcp protocol for sending and receiving data between the sources and destinations.


Long, long ago, a childless woman wanted to have a little daughter. One day, when she was walking in her garden, she heard a baby crying. She looked around and finally found a tiny little girl crying softly between the petals of a flower. The girl was really tiny... just as big as a thumb! So, the woman named the Mary! She made a lovely little cradle for the lovely little girl from the shell of a nut. It was just right for tiny Mary!

Every morning, Mary went for a walk in the garden. She loved the colors of flowers and their fresh smell!

One day in the garden, a big green frog saw Mary. He thought what a lovely bride she would make for his son!

Mary also saw him and tried to run away. But the big frog chased her and caught her. He took her to the pond where he lived.

The frog placed Mary on a big round water lily leaf. Mary started crying with fright. The fish swimming in the pond heard her cry and came to help her. They cut the stem of the lily with their sharp teeth and the leaf started drifting away!

But the lily leaf was floating too slowly! Mary thought the big frog can again easily catch her. At that time, a beautiful butterfly came fluttering by. He flapped his wings near the floating leaf and the leaf started moving faster!

Suddenly, a large bee dived down and carried Mary to the tree where he lived! Mary was frightened, but the bee brought her very sweet honey from the flowers.

The next day, the bee wanted to visit his family in a nearby forest. Before he left Mary, he placed her on a large flower. It was summer time and the sun was warm. Mary really enjoyed herself! She lived among lovely flowers of all shapes and colors... she got honey from them for food. When she became thirsty, she drank the early-morning dew from the leaves. She made friends with a lot of tiny insects and small animals!

Soon, the summer season was over and the cold season began. The sun went behind dark clouds and Mary felt cold. All her insect friends also left the forest because of the cold and Mary felt very lonely.

The flowers lost their petals and the tall trees lost their leaves. Mary tried to keep herself warm by wrapping a huge leaf around her like a shawl. Even that blew away in the wind.

Not knowing what to do, Mary wandered into the fields, looking for shelter. Luckily, she met a very friendly mouse. He took her to his home under a haystack. It was warm and nice! The mouse invited his friend, a male who lived under the ground. Both of them were very kind to Mary. They lived as friends and little Mary did all the house work and cooked very nice food for all of them.

One morning, Mary heard the flutter of wings at the window. She went out to see who made that strange noise. There was a black bird, a swallow, outside the window who seemed to be dead! She dragged the bird near the fireplace and the bird slowly opened its eyes. He was not dead but only numb from the cold! Mary cared for the bird and gave him plenty of food to eat. The bird got well and strong. One day, he flew away after thanking Mary for her kindness.

The mole, friend of the mouse, fell in love with Mary and wanted to marry her. She didn't want to marry the mole because she didn't want to live underground all her life. But she had no choice!

The wedding day was fixed and Mary started making her wedding clothes. She cried all the while.

The day before the wedding, she came out and looked up the lovely blue sky. She very much wanted to live under the sunny sky and among flowers. She felt very sad.

Just then, she heard the flapping of the bird's wings. She spotted her friend, the black bird, flying towards her! The bird asked her why she looked so unhappy. She told him that she didn't want to marry the mole. The bird asked Mary to climb on to his back and they flew away!

The bird carried her to a beautiful, far-off land. There were trees, bushes, flowers and plenty of sunshine. There were also many tiny creatures!
The bird gently placed Mary on a snow-white flower with soft petals. The flower slowly opened and Mary was surprised to see a handsome prince inside!

He was just an inch taller than Mary. He wore a glittering gold crown and had a pair of delicate wings! The prince was amazed by Mary’s beauty. Then, he asked her to marry him!
Shy but happy, Mary agreed to marry him! At the marriage ceremony, he gifted her with a fine crown and also a pair of white wings!
After the marriage, Mary and the prince made the forest their home. They played among the trees and ate little fruits. They flew from flower to flower sucking honey. They said 'hello!' to every little bird they met! Mary's friend, the black bird, also stayed with them.

Little Mary was no longer sad and lonely. She and the prince enjoyed every minute in the wonderful land... and they lived happily ever after!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

opticals, the best one...

Recently my friend was wearing a very stylish glass. I asked him from where he bought it. He told me a site for buying sunglasses, prescription glasses and all kinds of lens. I was amazed to see the site. They have just everything related to optical. I also read an article in a very famous magazine and here is the link to that article. Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! I was amazed to see this article. These optical guys give the best optical in city with the best cheap price. You can get Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! and inspire your friends. No more vision worries from now. Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank is now possible. For more information, please visit the site and get in to the world of stylishness.

Asking why

We are all presented with various systems. When we are born, we have a particular social setup, a particular educational system, a particular type of Government functioning and so on. Many of us integrate ourselves into these systems and get satisfied with it. We have to be a part of all these but we also need to question them.
Asking the question why is a sign of thinking. Instead of accepting whatever that is presented to us, we can try to reason as to why a particular system has to work in the way it is working. Asking why also leads to newer and more creative alternatives. It helps us to discover further possibilities and change things if necessary.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

shoot the pistols...

If you are thinking of buying paint ball guns and paintball equipment, here is a site that helps you to buy them. They have all top brands like tippmann, ariakon, tiberius, spyder and smart parts. You can buy them online and browse for the various ranges of products available. They are offering lot of offers for prices and you can get milsim, tecttical paintball gear which fits for your budget.

In addition to this, they also sell paintball pistols, bombs, grenades, ghillie suits and all the other accessories for tippmann guns. I personally never had an experience with these stuffs. But one of my enemies in my college used to have these experiences. If you are searching for them, this is the right place.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


There goes a saying: "God made the country and man made the town". It makes clear the difference between urban and rural living. Life in a city-it may be a state capital, or any other city with huge population is fast and more or less unnatural. Whereas life in a village is peaceful, simple and people are close to one another and nature.
We have cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai that have big population. The state capitals have their own importance. City life has advantages as well as disadvantages. In large cities houses are usually very big and are furnished. The houses could have many storeys. If there are more than four storeys, lifts have to be provided for convenience.
A large city has many markets. Each colony is more or less self-contained and residents have not to go far for shopping. In contrast, a village shop stocks only bare essentials as the buying capacity is less. In cities there may be a good city bus service. Other modes of transport are also available. In villages, people usually walk down. In cities there are good roads for quick movement. In villages, there may be few roads. One village was called Bihar (with no roads) where people emerged or entered from anywhere.
In cities educational facilities are available. In rural semi-urban areas, people have to travel long distances to reach educational institutions. Medical facilities are available in cities; whereas in villages hospitals or clinics may be far away. So are postal services: in cities dark is cleared and delivered thrice or twice a day; in village it may take a long time. In a big city, a large police force operates for maintenance of law and order. In village’s police cowrie’s army is few and far between.
In cities there are good chances of amusement and recreation: not so in villages. In cities there are food outlets or tea or coffee homes. In villages there may be dhobis or tea stalls. A lot of dust gets raised in villagers; sanitation may not be up to the desired level. In cities there may be gardens or parks; in villages it is all open and water supply and drainage may not be adequate.
There are other advantages of city life. People from different states are residents. There may be foreigners staying. In that way our outlook broadens by interaction. In villages you see the same faces again and again.
In city life, there are disadvantages also. In a city we cannot enjoy the beauties of nature. City life is more or less mechanical. We live cut off from nature. One cannot enjoy the sight of open green fields, of fluttering birds, animals and flowers or the beauty of sunset and break of dawn. One has to face competition in every way in city life it is complicated. People in cities are materialistic and concerned with their own welfare and rise. Village folk are simple and have rustic wisdom.

It would be a good idea to create facilities, inclusive of employment and work, in villages so that migration to cities is stopped. Cities otherwise tend to become overcrowded and problematic. In villages there is so much space around that you can breathe freely and live under the open sky.

Casino at home...

Right from the pre historic period, man had many activities for his leisure. Some were mind gaming, some were physical gaming, some were money making and some were life making. No matter what activity he does, in one way or the other way, the ultimate aim of the activity would be make him entertained and keep him happy. This suits for all the after work activities he had so far. One of such activity is going to be discussed here. We will also see how the after work activity emerged in the technological world.
In the technology filled world, many people don’t have time to sit back and relax themselves. Every one is running to make their bread and butter better. Therefore, many things in our life come online. We can book tickets, make relationships, buy stuffs and many more. Here is one of such news which can make all the casino lovers to jump in joy. Yes, online casino has finally arrived. Here is a site that makes online casino possible.

In the weekends or after your works get over, you can play online casino through this site. There are many benefits with this site. There is no need to go and find for a casino club. No physical stress and worries. The first and foremost is, you do not need to worry about parking problem. All you have to do is to sit before your computer, visit the site and play online casino for unlimited time. You can win matches as long as you play. If you get any emergency job, there is no need to roll back from the casino club and run away to finish your task. You can just log off and perform your duties. When it gets over, you can come back to play casino.

This is the most comfortable way of playing casino I would say. While playing online casino , you can also do your works in parallel. Neither your work nor your play will get affected. If you go directly to play casino, you have to allot time for it and have to waste a whole day or a half day to visit there. After the endless playing, you will become tired and the day will get wasted. For some people, even nights will get affected. Where as here, you can forget about all the worries since your day and nights will never ever gets affected.


Children have a special place in all the wisdom traditions of the world. They have an expression of innocence and trust and joy. The gospel according to Saint Luke says that people brought their babies to Jesus Christ, asking him to place his hands on them in blessing. When his disciples tried to prevent the people from approaching their teacher, Jesus said: "Let the children come to me. Do not stop them because the kingdom of god belongs to them. Remember this! Whoever does not receive the kingdom of god like a child will never enter it."
In a child, the thought of the ego, the first primal I-thought is present only at an extremely small level, identification with the body; the mind or the intellect is absent.
As we grow older, these identifications result in misery, unhappiness and suffering. That is why; we often rue the passing of childhood. The primal I-thought is responsible for reinforcing the notion of I-am-the-door, I-am-the-body, I-am-the-ego or I-am-the-intellect.
All these identifications result in suffering as they bring with them desire and attachment. The phenomenal world is mistaken for reality. The child is the father of man because the child does not suffer from ego, identity or fear-the characteristic concomitants of adulthood. That is why there is something divine in the innocence and care freeness of a child.
Maharishi, looking at a child in the prayer hall, reportedly remarked: "One can attain the blind of Brahman only when the mind becomes pure and humble, like the mind of this child."
The image of the child in world scripture is therefore a powerful symbol of purity, innocence, simplicity and humility. As Saint Augustine said: "Let your old-age be childlike and your childhood like old age; so that neither may your wisdom be with pride, nor your humility without wisdom."

Sri Ramakrishna affirmed the same counsel when he said: "So long as one does not become simple like a child, one does not get divine illumination. Forget all the worldly knowledge that thou has acquired and become as ignorant as a child and then you will get divine wisdom. Swami Armadas recollects that: "When we were children we were innocent. But there was in us a seed of ignorance which grew as we grew, and finally over-powering us, cast away our innocent nature and led us astray. We were thereafter caught in the toils of desire and action and we move in a vicious circle of transitory pleasure and pain. It is necessary to hand ourselves over to the Divine and through his grace burn up the seed which is the cause of our misery and bondage and regain our lost childhood. Once we get it back, it cannot be taken away from us. The burnt seed does not germinate. We will remain pure children for all our lives."
We find similar evocations in the Buddhist tradition as well: "Abandon thought and thinking", said sage Sarah, "Be just like a child. Be devoted to your master's teaching and the Innate will become manifest." Do have the heart and soul of a little child. A Tibetan master declares that the pupil "must regain the child state he hath lost before the sound can fall upon his ears."
In a way the divine musician sings to us through the purity of the hearts of children-we can hear Him if we only listen. So, the way to enlightenment lies in rediscovering the child in ourselves.


Refashion your life to get rid of stress. Stress is a disease of modern times. It affects people regardless of their age, walk of life. Stress is present in the lives of the rich and poor, liberate and illiterate, men and women. Stress is more evident in advanced countries and is common among highly qualified people.
Stress is of various kinds-physical, emotional and intellectual and it is characterized by a feeling of being burdened; of being unable to cope. At a physical level modern technology and facilities have actually increased workloads and decreased relaxation. Mobile phones and laptops have made it easy to carry the office to the home.
Emotional stress increases when there is disharmony and friction in relationships. Unfortunately, the trend today is to take the easy way out-people prefer to break away from relationships rather than repair them. Philosophical and intellectual tensions also add to the stress factor.

The answer to stress can be found in the very letter to the word, 'stress': 'S' stands for strength: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Physical and emotional weakness leads to irritability. A strong, healthy body developed through proper diet, exercise and pranayama techniques help reduce stress at the physical level. Through sat snag and appropriate learning gained therein, the mind can be strengthened. Love, compassion and friendship are valuable strength-givers that help us cope with stress.

Tagore, in a poem, prays to the Lord, not to remove all obstacles, but instead, he asks for strength to bear them.

'T' stands for traffic control. We need to regulate and control our thoughts. We can cope with stress best if our thoughts are orderly and methodical. Unnecessary accumulation leads to clogging of the mind. The key lies in being able to live one moment at a time. Eat while eating, work while working, and leave the home at home and the office in the office. Remember, however long we have to travel we can only take one strip at a time. Worrying only reduces efficiency and then even simple tasks cannot be completed correctly and on time.

'R' is for re-design. We tend to view life and ourselves through our own philosophy. A readjustment or reorientation in this philosophy increases our capacity to bear heavier loads. 'E' stands for erase: the ego, anger, fear and jealousy and negative emotions that reduce efficiency, leading to mental weakness, causing stress. There is a higher power or strength working through us- which we ought to realize. 'S' is for sharing: share your wealth, knowledge workload or anything else you have. By and large people who not know how to share or delegate. Everything happens under your stewardship but you should remain free and at ease. The last but most important is the 'S' which stands for surrender to the Lord. Free your mind from the weight of worries and become an instrument, adopting an attitude of service. This attitude will ensure efficiency, success, and liberty from stress. Life is very sweet, brother; who would wish to die? Life is a gift of god, do live it to the full.

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stop writing worries...

A very good morning and Monday wishes to all the readers and followers of my blog. I recently heard very interesting and happy news. This is one of the sweetest news for many students and researchers who wait a lot to finish their assignment and essay writing works. Well. Before you lose your temper to know the news, let me reveal it here. Before get to know about the actual news, let us see the scenario we have with us for writing essays and assignments. When we understand the present scenario, we can easily understand what an amazing service we are going to get in our life. Readers, here we go for the news…
Days were there when people took so much of time to write an essay with good quality and having unique content. As the days rolled, writing has become a tougher task. In the technological era, in which we live today, there are lots of services available. We can get any kind of product or service from any corner of the world by sitting simply in our home.

Every thing is just a muse click away. Technology has made such revolution and made our jobs easier to do. For all the people who were waiting for the day, in which writing essay becomes an easier task, here is my message. Dear people, the day has finally come. Yes, this is the time to relieve our worries regarding writing. Now, essay writing service has come. You can Buy Essay at very cheaper cost and at very good quality. Here is a new site that helps you to Buy Essay and makes Custom Essay as per your requirement.

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Hope many of you would have jumped in joy. Do not lose the spirit. Enjoy yourself and make use of this service.


A teacher once drew a big circle on the board and asked her students what it was. Many of them said it was a circle. Some of them said it was an egg. Some of them said it was a big circle on a bigger board. Some of them said, they could see the wall. In essence, all these answers were correct. It’s just that different people viewed it differently.
In life’s experiences, we all learn different things in different ways. It is pretty natural that we develop different perceptions towards the same thing. For example, a person who comes to a cool place from a hotter place will perceive the place to be cool whereas a person who came from a much cooler place will perceive the place to be warmer. We should always try to understand others’ perception of things and people to relate with them better.

Friday, February 6, 2009

race cars

Hi everybody. Almost all the people in the world will love car racing and so this post of mine is about car racing. I hope that I would write in such a way that this post would be an informative and interesting article for you. I have just finished my graduation and my passion has been changed from bikes to cars. In the weekends me and my friends were used to go for a long drive in car to any place. During those times mostly I drove the car and that has been the reason for my passion towards the car, So I searched in the internet to get latest design car for me and I found this race car trailer very interesting and useful. Apart from the designs they have, you can also use your creative power to design the car in the way you want. If you would buy a race car in the future I suggest you that you visit the race car trailer once. Hope you like this post, have a nice weekend ahead.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fever ever...

Fever is the most common excuse people give for their most common mistakes. Let us see the actual reason for the common fever that affects every common man.
The type of common fever differs with respect to places. Malarial fever will affect people in tropical regions. Typhoid comes next to these viral fevers.
Shivering, headache and body ache are some of the common symptoms. After shivering the person sweats and the fever comes down. This repeats daily or in alternate days.
Viral fever lasts for two days. If you go to a good doctor, the fever will goes off in two days. If you go to a good looking doctor, then it will take one week to go.
The reasons for all the fevers are unhygienic sanitary conditions, unclean water, food and toxic atmosphere etc.
Let us be free from fever ever...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Business solutions, a click away...

If you want to see you growing in all aspects of life, you have to start a business of your own. Business is the only thing that gives you growth and progress in your life. Though it gives exponential or linear growth, it is not so easy to do a business. There are so many things that you have to take care. You are responsible for many things and dimensions that are directly or indirectly related to your business. Unless you fulfill all the responsibilities, you can not earn anything and even if you earn something, it will be equal to pea nuts.
Computers changed the whole world. It has brought a revolution in all the field that are ruling the world today. The same way, here is a software that helps you in your business by providing information that supports your business. You can purchase dashboard software in the link given here. You can also select kpi software or select metrics software in the links given over here. Well. What you can get in this software? You can get reports and balanced score card solution. The need of the balanced scorecard solutions is very high. Because, using this, you can take decisions, and get knowledge about investing in a project or module that are related to your business. On the whole, this will takes the place of a business guide and makes your business grow day by day.

balance score card for your company

Hi everybody, very good morning to you all. This post of mine will be very much useful for the business people in maintaining their balance score cards. All this time you might have developed that manually and now you have software in bsc case study to do that and you can use that free time to develop your business. It is the collection of documents used by the top managers to implement the balance score card system in the company. Sometimes when doing it manually will result in some minor errors which may have the major impact in your business, now you can avoid that also by using the balance score card of metrics case study. You can have the full information about the balance score card in the above mentioned page. If you want to compare this balance score card with the competitors, they themselves are providing the link to compare the product with the other competitors in the market. You can also have access to the stakeholders of the balance score card in the metrics objectives website. There you can find a lot of information about the people who are succeeding in their business by using the balance score card toolkit. I hope you will use it for your business.

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In most of the shampoo or hair conditioner advertisements, dandruff will take a vital place. All the good looking babes will reject awesome looking guy just because he had the dandruff and the good looking babes will go with some guy, who looks like a messed up pizza.
This is how the advertisers show in dandruff advertisements. Well. What causes dandruff actually? And what is dandruff?
The answer is, Dandruff is a condition of excessive scaliness of the scalp. There are two varieties in it. One is dry and the other one is greasy. In dry variety, the scales are fine, thin and white. Such type of hairs lack luster. People with this type of hair will have itching. The scales fall freely on shoulders (remember head and shoulders advertisement)
Dandruff is common at puberty and it occurs due to endocrine disorders, familial predisposition, unbalanced diet and constipation.
If you go for good treatments, then surely dandruff will go away from your head.

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