Sunday, February 1, 2009


In most of the shampoo or hair conditioner advertisements, dandruff will take a vital place. All the good looking babes will reject awesome looking guy just because he had the dandruff and the good looking babes will go with some guy, who looks like a messed up pizza.
This is how the advertisers show in dandruff advertisements. Well. What causes dandruff actually? And what is dandruff?
The answer is, Dandruff is a condition of excessive scaliness of the scalp. There are two varieties in it. One is dry and the other one is greasy. In dry variety, the scales are fine, thin and white. Such type of hairs lack luster. People with this type of hair will have itching. The scales fall freely on shoulders (remember head and shoulders advertisement)
Dandruff is common at puberty and it occurs due to endocrine disorders, familial predisposition, unbalanced diet and constipation.
If you go for good treatments, then surely dandruff will go away from your head.

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