Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fever ever...

Fever is the most common excuse people give for their most common mistakes. Let us see the actual reason for the common fever that affects every common man.
The type of common fever differs with respect to places. Malarial fever will affect people in tropical regions. Typhoid comes next to these viral fevers.
Shivering, headache and body ache are some of the common symptoms. After shivering the person sweats and the fever comes down. This repeats daily or in alternate days.
Viral fever lasts for two days. If you go to a good doctor, the fever will goes off in two days. If you go to a good looking doctor, then it will take one week to go.
The reasons for all the fevers are unhygienic sanitary conditions, unclean water, food and toxic atmosphere etc.
Let us be free from fever ever...

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