Friday, February 27, 2009


Long, long ago, a childless woman wanted to have a little daughter. One day, when she was walking in her garden, she heard a baby crying. She looked around and finally found a tiny little girl crying softly between the petals of a flower. The girl was really tiny... just as big as a thumb! So, the woman named the Mary! She made a lovely little cradle for the lovely little girl from the shell of a nut. It was just right for tiny Mary!

Every morning, Mary went for a walk in the garden. She loved the colors of flowers and their fresh smell!

One day in the garden, a big green frog saw Mary. He thought what a lovely bride she would make for his son!

Mary also saw him and tried to run away. But the big frog chased her and caught her. He took her to the pond where he lived.

The frog placed Mary on a big round water lily leaf. Mary started crying with fright. The fish swimming in the pond heard her cry and came to help her. They cut the stem of the lily with their sharp teeth and the leaf started drifting away!

But the lily leaf was floating too slowly! Mary thought the big frog can again easily catch her. At that time, a beautiful butterfly came fluttering by. He flapped his wings near the floating leaf and the leaf started moving faster!

Suddenly, a large bee dived down and carried Mary to the tree where he lived! Mary was frightened, but the bee brought her very sweet honey from the flowers.

The next day, the bee wanted to visit his family in a nearby forest. Before he left Mary, he placed her on a large flower. It was summer time and the sun was warm. Mary really enjoyed herself! She lived among lovely flowers of all shapes and colors... she got honey from them for food. When she became thirsty, she drank the early-morning dew from the leaves. She made friends with a lot of tiny insects and small animals!

Soon, the summer season was over and the cold season began. The sun went behind dark clouds and Mary felt cold. All her insect friends also left the forest because of the cold and Mary felt very lonely.

The flowers lost their petals and the tall trees lost their leaves. Mary tried to keep herself warm by wrapping a huge leaf around her like a shawl. Even that blew away in the wind.

Not knowing what to do, Mary wandered into the fields, looking for shelter. Luckily, she met a very friendly mouse. He took her to his home under a haystack. It was warm and nice! The mouse invited his friend, a male who lived under the ground. Both of them were very kind to Mary. They lived as friends and little Mary did all the house work and cooked very nice food for all of them.

One morning, Mary heard the flutter of wings at the window. She went out to see who made that strange noise. There was a black bird, a swallow, outside the window who seemed to be dead! She dragged the bird near the fireplace and the bird slowly opened its eyes. He was not dead but only numb from the cold! Mary cared for the bird and gave him plenty of food to eat. The bird got well and strong. One day, he flew away after thanking Mary for her kindness.

The mole, friend of the mouse, fell in love with Mary and wanted to marry her. She didn't want to marry the mole because she didn't want to live underground all her life. But she had no choice!

The wedding day was fixed and Mary started making her wedding clothes. She cried all the while.

The day before the wedding, she came out and looked up the lovely blue sky. She very much wanted to live under the sunny sky and among flowers. She felt very sad.

Just then, she heard the flapping of the bird's wings. She spotted her friend, the black bird, flying towards her! The bird asked her why she looked so unhappy. She told him that she didn't want to marry the mole. The bird asked Mary to climb on to his back and they flew away!

The bird carried her to a beautiful, far-off land. There were trees, bushes, flowers and plenty of sunshine. There were also many tiny creatures!
The bird gently placed Mary on a snow-white flower with soft petals. The flower slowly opened and Mary was surprised to see a handsome prince inside!

He was just an inch taller than Mary. He wore a glittering gold crown and had a pair of delicate wings! The prince was amazed by Mary’s beauty. Then, he asked her to marry him!
Shy but happy, Mary agreed to marry him! At the marriage ceremony, he gifted her with a fine crown and also a pair of white wings!
After the marriage, Mary and the prince made the forest their home. They played among the trees and ate little fruits. They flew from flower to flower sucking honey. They said 'hello!' to every little bird they met! Mary's friend, the black bird, also stayed with them.

Little Mary was no longer sad and lonely. She and the prince enjoyed every minute in the wonderful land... and they lived happily ever after!

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