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business and the back bone...

Hi every body. This post is regarding my passion, which is none other than business. Go ahead to know more about what I have about business. I saw a Business Blog recently. Let me share my thoughts and views about it. This web site is mainly for business and the promotion of business. Even you can promote your business through this web site. The process of promoting any business goes like this, you can write a Business Review on the business you do. This review should explain about the products or the service you offer from your business. This description will acts as a promotion and advertisement of your business. You can visit the web site to get more information on this. The web site will give you lot of information on business promotion and stuff. To those who treat business as their passion, I hope this post would help them in a good way.


Other plays included Hernani (1830), the first performance of which was a big success for Hugo, Marion Delorme (1829-1831), The King’s Pleasure (1832), and Ruy Blas (1838). In romance, Notre-Dame de Paris (1830) was an evocation of the medieval city and a defense of Gothic art.

Saddened by the tragic death of his favorite daughter and discouraged by the failure of his epic drama Burgraves (1843), Hugo abandoned literature for politics. Hugo, whose evolution was steadily toward the left, became a leader of the Radical Opposition which led to his exile. His funeral was an impressive ceremony. By the time of his centennial (1902), he was regarded as one of the major figures in world literature.


Born in Besancon, France, Victor Hugo was almost an infant prodigy, and at 23, he was one of the official poets of the French monarchy. The period from 1827 to 1842 was one of incredible activity and triumphs in every field for him. In poetry, he published Odes and Ballads (1822-22), The Orientals (1829), Autumn Leaves (1831), Songs of Twilight (1835), Voices of the Innermost (1837) and Rays and Shadows (1840). In the drama Cromwell he composed a masterly doctrinal preface (1827). He lay in state under the Arch of Triumph, and the Pantheon was reopened to receive his remains.

personal loans, on the go...

The words like Personal Loans are becoming very common in these days. This is because of the universal recession and other jargon words which are related to economy, the back bone of every country. People are suffering a lot because of the crash in economy and they do a lot of things to stabilize their economy. There are lots of loans available for the people. These loans will help them in finding a solution to get rid of the entire economic problem one have. The Installment Loan are one kind of loan, in which we have to repay our debts in installments. The period of installment varies from one place to another place and one people to another people. When some one is need of loan, he or she has to provide the security against the loan. This in turn gives one more head ache to the person who is getting the loan. In economic crisis, it is not easy to get some asset or something that acts as a security against the loan. There fore, it is mandatory for us to find a solution that offers an easier way for this security problem. I recently searched the World Wide Web regarding this loans and security problem. I should say that I am very lucky in this. Yes, I have found a solution for this problem and I feel it would be very much helpful to many people if I share this news with you all. Here is a web site from the bunch of World Wide Web, which offers you Unsecured Loans. The process is very simple. You do not need to submit any asset or document against the loan you procure. You can avail it without submitting any security to your loan. This is the greatest news for all those who are looking for loans. Since there is no security, we need not have worry and pressure. We can repay the loan by without having any pressure with us.


The best work of his mature years is a romantic trilogy, Satanstoe (1845), The Chainbearer (1845), and The Redskins (1846), in which he traces and defends the volution of an American landed aristocracy through four generations. Among the sea novels of these years are The Two Admirals (1842), Afloat and Ashore (1844), and The Sea Lions (1849). Wyandotte (1843) and The Oak Openings (1848) were attempts to use the American backwoods in stories outside the frame of “The Leather-Stocking Tales.” The Crater (1847) is his most thoughtful allegory of social and political criticism.


While abroad, he wrote Notions of the Americans (1828), historical novels on European themes like The Bravo (1831), and further tales of Native Americans and the sea. By this time he had an international reputation, but disillusionment at the reception of his ideas at home produced a petulant tract, A Letter to His Countrymen (1834), in which he renounced the writing of fiction. These were followed with a political allegory, The Monikins (1838), and a primer of his views, The American Democrat (1838).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lose weight programs

When we get a solution to a problem, then we are a very lucky person. But at the same time, when we get hundreds of solution for a problem, then we are the luckiest person in the world. I would like to say that those who are all suffering from the excessive and over weight problem are the luckiest persons in the world. I am not joking. Yes, I have found a web site that offers them hundreds of solutions for the long term problem which keeps bugging them on and on. You can check out the web site which I have mentioned here to have a look at various weight loss programs available in the world. You can choose the one which very well suits for you. They have reviewed the widely used weight reducing programs and they have recommended few programs which will really works for every one of those who have over weight problem. It is an all in one web site that gives surplus number of solutions to your weight problems.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Money makes many; a saying well depicts the situation of the world today. Money gives you power, money gives you shower, money gives you girls while shower, money gives you shelter, money gives you respect, money gives you assets, money gives you many...

But there are few things that money cannot give you. You can buy beds using money, but not sleep. No matter how much you spend or ready to give, you cannot make few things get done with your hell out of money. You can buy hospitals using money, but not health. You can buy universities by money, but not education. You can buy people's using money but not a true loving heart. You can buy malls using money but not customers. You can buy wishers by money but not well wishers.

There are so many things that money cannot come near. Like mother's love, baby’s smile (not babe's smile but), father's care and lot more. Therefore, money doesn’t make many...

Bill gates once stated, "Money is nothing, but make sure that you make hell out of money before making this statement."

Saturday, May 9, 2009

don't drink

Many people in the world are addicted to alcohol. Indirectly they are drinking the poison that kills their lives slowly. They will do anything to drink this slow poison. Though they are aware that, it is dangerous to them as well as others, they can’t able to get off from this. Usually this habit starts as a fun in the teenage of every person. As days passes by they have been addicted to this habit. They are committing crimes that harm the society and themselves. Usually the most common crime, is the drunk and drive, which sometimes costs many lives. So government should take the necessary steps to avoid this from being happening but the same government is encouraging the sales of the alcohol for their income. However it is the responsibility of the individual to quit it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

remember memory

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

street lamp

After posting some interesting pictures now I am going to share my personal feelings. Now what you are seeing is the street light, which will make our street brighter even in the night and the photo was taken by my cousin. He had taken several attempts to took this snap and my house is just beside this street light. In my child days I and my two cousins used to sit under this street light and kid each others till midnight. Sometimes we even have played cricket under this light.

biggest facts

This is the longest bridge in the world and situated in china. It is called as donghai bridge and the length of this bridge is 32.5 kilometers.

This is the world's biggest shopping complex which has been located in china. The name of this complex is south china mall, dongguan china. It consists of 6 floors and with full of shops.

I got these information from my friend and would like to share it with you.

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