Thursday, October 23, 2008

Theory of relativity

Theory of relativity is one topic which always makes me to stay energetic to discuss. I have read, discussed about this topic, paradox, black hole, big bang, big crunch and lot of other non-me related topics as I am keen about it.

Let me try explaining it (of course it’s hard to explain and understand, but the readers can understand how much I have understood theory of relativity).

Einstein said that everything in the world changes with respect to speed.

Time, speed, distance and space are related to each other. The only thing which is constant at any consequence is “speed of light”.

The speed of light doesn’t change with respect to space, time, speed etc.

For example, imagine you are standing on a bus stop. Now, a girl wearing a red tops and a white skirt cross you in a scooter. Let the speed of the scooter be 30 km/hr. Now you feel like the girl moving in 30km/hr (or at least you feel like she is moving fast).

Now imagine that you started chasing her wit your bike. When you reach her and you too travel in 30 km/hr, you feel that she is not moving at all (though she moves, both of your speed equals and so it looks like she is not moving). Therefore the relative speed of yours and the girl will be zero, since you travel at the same speed.

Now, come out of the imagination. Came eh? Ok alright.

Now again imagine that you are standing at the same bus stop. Now a light ray crosses you (the speed of light is 186000 miles per second). The light ray will looks like it passes you at high speed. Imagine you started chasing the light too. You somehow managed to get a bike that travels on a speed which is equal to speed of light.

Now what do you think about the light’s speed? How will the light looks? What will be the relative speed between you and the light ray?

It is not zero. The relative speed between you and the light ray will be 186000 miles per second. Puzzled? Me too... But That’s what theory of relativity says…

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