Friday, October 24, 2008

Do the service...

Servicing the poor people is the best good deed in the world that everyone can easily do. I did not mean to give the money or any other form of compensation to the poor people, who are really helpless. I think that giving the money will never help them in any way, other than getting them the food for the dinner or supper or whatever it may be. This will never encourage their self-confidence, as they will set their mind that they can get the money from anyone. They will not think about working at all.
So now what I am trying to say is, rather than giving the money and making them beggars for lifetime, we can give them the opportunities to make their own pay. If that is not possible, at least we can show them the opportunities spread around the world.
This action makes a man and not a beggar. So our future generation will never have the ups and downs in their era.

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