Thursday, October 30, 2008

Treatment in coffee…

Some people will say that taking coffee is a bad habit. The reason for their belief is that the chemical substance caffeine in the coffee activates your blood cells and make you stressed and tensed after taking it. Now here I am not going to discuss that topic. My topic is about how the coffee is related to the drowsiness. The scientists have proved that taking coffee will help you overcome your drowsiness. They have measured the drowsiness by using the Australian technique called optalert. This technique involves measuring the total eye blinks and the ratio of the acceleration and velocity of the eye blinks. In the study, it is found that by taking 200 mg of caffeine, improves both the operations. This test was conducted on the people aged from 18-29. The scientists are saying that taking coffee will be more useful for those people who involve them in a long drive.

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