Saturday, November 1, 2008


Many people won’t like to discuss about periods. In fact, they show disgust to discuss periods. Even women feel shy to discuss about this. THIS IS BAD.
When we demand for equal rights, then we have to understand others pains, vies and thoughts. Without proper understanding between people, nothing can be achieved.
Men have to throw away their egos and have to take care of their females when they are in periods. Females usually feel irritation because of bleeding and the pain it causes. So, at this time, men have to be patient and give them support and care such that the females feel some love and supportiveness which make them forget the pain for a while.
We have to provide rests to females during the periods time and so they can relax themselves. Since there will be lot of bleeding takes place, they feel tired all the time. So, we have to give them energy refreshments and allow them to take rests.
Shall we?

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