Thursday, November 13, 2008

video chat in Gmail.....

Google has now introduced the video chat feature. You can use this service by just installing the 2.4 MB plug in into your web browser and then restarting the browser. After installing, you can be able to view your partner, provided he too owns a web cam and installed the plug in. I have just installed the plug in and have to talk with my dad in the evening to see the clarity of the video. I have heard a positive review about this feature and hope it would be true. This feature is available only with the “chat box” in the web browser when we signed into Gmail account and not available with the “Google talk”. This feature works in the Firefox 2.0 or higher and internet explorer 7. So I hope you will try this new feature of Google.

1 comment:

Mbuckingham said...

Hey quite a cool app! Cheers for the info!

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