Monday, November 3, 2008

A new and funny way to reduce your weight…

The most common problem troubling the people around the world is their over weight. They might have tried lot of things to reduce their weight. The best way to reduce the weight is doing exercise but most of the people cannot be able to do it regularly. Some people might follow diet to reduce their weight. But sometimes later they feel it very difficult to follow it. This new method will help those people who are struggling to follow it.
In an article I have read that by writing the foods that we eat everyday in a diary helps people in reducing the weight. Each single food whether it is a cookie/ pizza/burger should be noted down in the food diary. Are you wondering how it works? Usually we might have the habit of eating something while watching our favorite channels in TV. These are in our subconscious mind and we would not consider this in our dieting plan. Thus by writing down all the foods we are taking helps us to be conscious of our diet. Hope you will try this at least.

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