Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Why do we stop talking, with no reasons, no fights, and no problems on a rainy evening, over our teak wood cushion bed?
Why our eyes do started it, the way of making relationships, the way of conveying messages, the way of transforming love, the communication?
Why do our eyes get tired after hours of communication with no words talked, listened or replied?
Why do our eyes shut after the tiredness, making our other organs to communicate?
Why do we still have a micro millimeter gap between your hearts and mine?
Why does the gap vapor after we turn as born ones?
Why do our hands talk faster than our mouth or eyes?
Why our mouths do need shelter in the other ones mouth?
Why do our actions go meaning less, increasing its speed exponentially?
Why our mouths met, hands do met, stomach met.............................?
Why do I hear nothing but a noise, with no grammar, no language and no meaning in it?
Why is that you and I become we?
Why I am inside you or you inside me?
Why is it greasy everywhere?
After three months......
Why do I become dad, when I am in just school?
I did nothing but what I see in TV at prime times.

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