Thursday, March 5, 2009


There are lots of input devices available. Few of the input devices are keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone etc. Among all of these, mouse has become the most important and user friendly input device. That too after the evolution of graphical user interface (GUI in short), the impact of mouse became huge.

The importance increased such that some people may go crazy if their computer's mouse doesn't work in some fine day. Some people have a belief that without mouse, nothing is possible in a computer. But the truth is different. We can operate all the applications without using a mouse. The keyboard is more than enough to operate a computer.

The point is that we have to remember various short cuts and thus it again becomes like command user interface. Powerful software is one, which can be operated by key board and mouse and / or keyboard/mouse.

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alex said...

i love to learn those keyboard shortcuts but i don't have patience

by the way, can you change my url (retarded's notebook) to on your linklist??

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