Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hope many of you know a saying which goes like "engineers build the world". It is very true. Just because of the engineering field, the world runs effectively and efficiently. Without the gift of engineering and technology, we would not have got all the sophistication which we have for today. Thanks to all the scientists and engineers who lost their sleep, life and in some cases wife just for all the richness and sophistications we have for this very day.
Engineering is a good field. At the same time, there is lot of dangers also involved in it. We can expect any kind of hazard, risk and danger from any form and from any part of engineering. So, we have to safe guard our self by wearing work boots which saves our legs from all the hazards which are down in earth and waiting for making our legs a waste one. To save our hands from dangers, we should wear work gloves such that we can provide guards to our hands. In addition to this, we should also have knowledge of Carhartt and the use of it. No matter what we do or where we do or when we do. Unless we have safety ensured for us, we should better stay not doing it.

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