Saturday, September 27, 2008

face recognizing search engine

Technology has advanced to the next level today. A new search engine has been found that is specially made for recognizing images. It is very difficult for the people to identify the faces of the persons in the low resolution images. Especially the police will suffer a lot to identify the criminals. This technology will help them to identify the criminals even in the low resolution images. For this purpose two algorithm are specially designed and has been tested to identify the faces in the poor resolution images. One is to increase the image pixels in the low resolution images. Other is the face recognition system, which is used to extract the features of the image in the low resolution itself. How ever the later is less efficient than the former method. So they have combined both the methods to get the better result. By this technology we hope the criminals would be easily caught and so that the city will be crime free.

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alyra_ysabelle said...

Thanks for the info i didn't know about this. By the way, may i know what search engine is this?

I come to know about a new search engine on the block They claim to give more relevant results. What do you think?

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