Saturday, September 20, 2008

work in foreign

Hi everybody. Hope you all might have enjoyed my posts containing some different photos. Now I am going to share my words. And my first topic is about the persons who are working in the foreign countries. There are various conditions on which people work in the foreign countries. Some have the compulsion to work, while others have the passion to work in the foreign countries like America, Australia and England.

However it is a very unlucky thing to work in the foreign countries. First and fore most you are sacrificing the love and affection of your family. They will miss you a lot in every occasions. You are missing the own smell of your own motherland. By working for the foreign countries, in one way you are cheating your nation. Yes you gained all the knowledge right from your childhood in your own nation and using it for some other people who are not yours. So missing the nation and the family is like a hell in the earth.


Imelda said...

well said. . its a lot of sacrifice for the love of family

things&thongs said...

I know how hard it is but most people are forced to work overseas for better opportunities and more money.

It's simply life at its worst.

faye said...

i agree but due to call of needs people must look for there fortune in other side of the world. Missing our family and our motherland is part of sacrificing.

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