Monday, September 15, 2008

innovations are unstoppable

What you are looking at is the another new innovative idea of the Korean people. Thinking of biscuits the immediate thought coming to our mind is to eat. But these people thought something different and they have achieved it too. No more words to explain this. Hope you too feel the same as me. Have a nice day.


nirmana said...

that's inovation "make biskuit to another product"..mmm i know...its look like a nirmana. Nirmana is maintenance anything elemen to make artistik product.


Creativity leads to innovation.

Biscuits, I thought, can be only a food to stomach. But, your pictures showcased, how biscuits can be food to your thoughts.

Thank you

things&thongs said...

Wow. Looks yummy but I wouldn't like to eat it. Hehe.

The dollhouse looks gorgeous! I want one : )

kittykat said...

its nice..they look very interesting..its like you don't want munch them and just look at them

razifembi said...

wow dude ...

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