Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have a faith in GOD

Most of the people in this world have faith in God. They believe that, almighty will solve all their problems and pains. It has been proved now. England scientists has done a new research and found that the spiritual people have a little pain or can be able to tolerate their pain when compared to atheists. Yes the oxford university researchers had done this. They have done the experiment with the help of 12 Rome Catholics and 12 atheists. The Catholics had given the photo of mother Mary and been asked to meditate thinking about God. The atheists had given some other photo of the davinci. Then the electric shock has been given to them. The Catholics had experienced a less pain in this shock treatment. During this process the activities of the back brain also has been measured, which favors the Catholics. From this, England scientists had arrived at a conclusion that, spiritual people have less pain. So all of us should fear the Almighty God and he is the one who can do magic in our life. I wish he gives all the happiness and joy to all his followers.

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