Monday, April 6, 2009

The entire DBSPT-Circular algorithm is presented as follows:

Algorithm for DBSPT-Circular (Vi, Vi, B):

1: shortestPathTree (Vi, vi)
2: overloadedSet ß findOverloadedVertices (Vi )
3: level ß 1
4: while overloadedSet 6!= Æ; do
5: curLevelSet ß nodesInLevel (level)
6: if overloadedSet Ç curLevelSet 6! = Æ ; then
7: Set fixed, toMove ß new Set
8: for all currentVertex Î curLevelSet do
9: if currentVertex Î overloadedSet then
10: The closest B children of currentVertex are
added to the fixed set, the rest are added to
the toMove set.
11: else if currentVertex.outDegree < B then
12: fixed.add( currentVertex )
13: end if
14: end for
15: for all moveVertex Î toMove do
16: Connect moveVertex to the closest vertex in
the fixed set that is also closer to the root.
17: if moveVertex can not be moved then
18: Swap moveVertex with a sibling that is farther
from the root than moveVertex.
19: end if
20: end for
21: else
22: level ß level + 1
23: end if
24: overloadedSet ß findOverloadedVertices( Vi )
25: end while

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